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"The beginning of Time To Learn-RELOADED-part 1"
Their Age At Time Of Marriage---------------------When Born [Died or wedding date]
20 -  Jackson Brown Jr-1933 as papa
17 - Pearline Brown 1936-[1991] as granny

(2) Children;
1. John Brown  Sr 1954
2. Gregory Brown Sr 1956
(7) Grandchildren;
1. John Brown Jr 7/4/73
2. Jeremy Marcus Brown Sr 1/25/75
3. Ebony Eloise Brown 12/25/75
4. Latrisha Nicole Brown 7/24/76
5. Gregory Brown Jr 10/2/80
6. Jesse Lee Brown 1/7/81
7. Steven Davon Brown 3/3/83 

1st Generation
19 - Percy Jones- 1934 as poppa
15 - Eloise Wilkes Jones- 1938 as big mama

(2) Children; 
1. Pearline Denise Jones 1955 [Brown]1972
2. Brenda Lanett Jones 1958 [James] 1974
(8) Grandchildren:
1. John Brown Jr 7/4/73
2. Jeremy Brown Sr 1/25/75
3. Brian James Jr 6/26/75
4. Ebony Eloise Brown 12/25/75
5. Jesse Lee Brown 1/7/81
6. Brittany Neon James 3/10/81
7. Brandon Shawn James 11/4/86 6:40a.m.
8. Brina Shaunice James         “    6:50 a.m.

18 - Allen Saul Williams 1934--[1965]
17 - Joanna Mae Henderson 1935--[1976]

(3) Children;
1. Joanna Lynn Williams 1953 [Jackson-1972]
2. Debbie Jalene Williams 1954 [Wilson-1974]
3. Richard Trevon Williams Sr-1955
(11) Grandchildren:
1. Bradley Wilson Jr                     8/14/71
2. Lynora Shontay Jackson 4/5/73
3. Anthony Devante Jackson Sr 7/11/74
4. Breanna Shontia Wilson 9/9/74
5. Richard Trevon Williams Jr 10/1/74-[2002]
6. Corey Grey 7/25/77 [Richard Sr’s child with Lisa]
7. Nina Shalon Jackson 12/22/75
8. Bruce Dalvin Wilson 1/1/78
9. Erica Maureen Jackson 2/18/81
10. Ruthie Nakia Williams 12/8/81
11. Pamela Darius Jackson 5/5/82

17 - Charles Leon Wilson 1935
15 - Annabelle Elizabeth Johnson 1937

(3) Children:
1. Bradley Wilson Sr 1953
2. Anna Dionne Wilson 1955
3. Archie Joseph Wilson Sr 1957
(9) Grandchildren:
1. Bradley Wilson Jr 8/14/71
2. Breanna Shontia Wilson 9/9/74
3. Richard Trevon Williams Jr 10/1/74-[2002]
4. Rebbie Shantell Wilson 8/2/7
5. Bruce Dalvin Wilson 1/1/78
6. Shannon Tyreek Wilson 9/24/79
7. Ruthie Nakia Williams 12/8/81
8. Alicia Mallory Wilson 6/3/83
9. Archie Joseph Wilson Jr 10/4/85

19 - Joshua Logan Jr 1936
17 - Sally Greene Logan 1938-[2001]

(2) Children;
1. Samuel Logan Sr 1956
2. Sandra Logan 1957

(6) Grandchildren;
1. Janice Marie Logan 8/31/74
2. Latrisha Nicole Brown 7/24/76
3. Kimberly Celina Logan 5/4/79
4. Gregory Brown Jr 10/2/80
5. Samuel Logan Jr 2/14/81 
6. Steven Davon Brown 3/3/83

2nd  Generation
17- Brian James Sr 1957
16- Brenda Lanett Jones James 1958 as auntie Bren

(4) Children;
1. Brian James Jr-                June 26, 1975 as big June
2. Brittany Neon James-      March 10, 1981
3. Brandon Shawn James-   November 4,1986 {6:40a.m.}
4. Brina Shaunice James-                              ^ {6:50a.m.}

18- John Brown Sr -1954 as big John
17- Pearline Denise Jones Brown-1955 as mama Pearl

(4) Children; 
1. John Brown Jr-                July 4, 1973 as Jb
2. Jeremy Marcus Brown-   January 25, 1975 as Tank
3. Ebony Eloise Brown-       December 25, 1975 as Baby Girl 
4. Jesse Lee Brown-           January 7, 1981 as Lil man

 19-Archie Joseph Wilson Sr 1957 as big Arch
 17-Rena Lynn Baker Wilson 1959 as mama Rena

(4) Children;
1. Rebbie Shantell Wilson-     August 2, 1976
2. Shannon Tyreek Wilson-    September 24, 1979 as Reaper
3. Alicia Mallory Wilson-        June 3, 1983 as Ally
4. Archie Joseph Wilson Jr-   October 4, 1985 as Lil Arch
19- Richard Trevon Williams Sr 1955 as uncle big Rich
19- Anna Dionne Wilson Williams 1955 as Aunt Anna

(3) Children; 
1. Richard Trevon Williams Jr- October 1, 1974 -[2002] as Ritchie Rich
2. Corey Grey-                           July 25, 1977[Rich Sr & Lisa]
3. Ruthie Nakia Williams-         December 8, 1981 as Roo 
21 - Bradley Lee Wilson Sr 1953
20 - Debbie Jalene Williams Wilson 1954 mama Deb

(3) Children; 
1. Bradley Lee Wilson Jr-        August 14, 1971 as Jr
2. Breanna Shontia Wilson-    September 9, 1974 as Bre
3. Bruce Dalvin Wilson-          January 1, 1978
19- Gregory Brown Sr 1956 as uncle G
18- Sandra Kaye Logan Brown 1957 as mama Sandy

(3) Children;
1. Latrisha Nicole Brown-   July 24, 1976 as T-baby or Trish
2. Gregory Brown Jr-          October 2, 1980
3. Steven Davon Brown-     March 3, 1983 as baby boy
18- Samuel Logan Sr 1956 as uncle Sam
18- Belinda Renee Carter Logan 1956 as mama B

(3) Children;
1. Janice Marie Logan- August 31, 1974 as Jan
2. Kimberly Celina Logan- May 4, 1979
3. Samuel Logan Jr- February 14, 1981 as Cupid
17 - Allen Devante Jackson Jr-1955 as big Al
19 - Joanna Lynn Williams Jackson-1953 as mama Jo

(5) Children;
1. Lynora Shontay Jackson-     April 5, 1973 as Lynn
2. Anthony Devante Jackson-  July 11, 1974 as Ajay or Ant
3. Nina Shalon Jackson-          December 22,1975
4. Erica Maureen Jackson-      February 18, 1981 as PYT
5. Pamela Darius Jackson-      May 5, 1982  

This self empowerment, coming of age story, is told in a manner which is both entertaining and informative. The Time Will Reveal series uses the relationship between Ebony Brown [baby girl] and Anthony Jackson [Ajay], a teenage African American couple growing up in the tumultuous underworld of Cleveland Ohio with their crew, to give it a familiar feel and lock you in. Starting in the late 1980's, Time To Learn’s main focus is on the strength and survival of several families drawn together, 2 generations ago, through their migration from the south to escape the racism and bigotry of the white citizens council, during the civil rights movement. 
As Ebony’s dreams of a fairy tale romance start to consume her, she is sent to Houston to live with her grandmother. While there, she learns many phases of life. Her grandparents teach and show her lessons in a way, very different than her mother and father had been able to convey to her. Lessons which she will resonate for the rest of her life. Like, self pride and respect, how a man should treat her and how she is to respect and treat her man. She learns some of the unfortunate sides of relationships, loyalty and growing up, as well. So do her girlfriends and her crew. 
But what brings forth the end of her Houston stay, is when she goes through a life changing ordeal which will bring her family and crew together in ways reminiscent of the olden days. When they had to remove certain stumbling blocks in order to progress. Their loyalty for each other is overwhelming to others. The unconditional love which comes from it, not only teaches Ebony how precious life and true love are. But also, the dues which were paid by her ancestors to afford her generation, it’s freedoms. She knows now that both good and bad things happen to good people. But with commitment and a sound foundation you can prevail.

This series about Ebony, Anthony and their crew takes you from the mischievous adolescent stages [Time To Learn-RELOADED-part 1 
Next the short story series gives you background behind the crew's loyalty with [More Than 4 Admirers-RELOADED-short story 1]. For more on the villains of this series, check out, [Mr. Wrong and the Rats-RELOADED short story 2]
The growth of this crew comes through in Time To Grow-RELOADED part 2
Go on into productive adulthood with [Time To Love-RELOADED part 3 and Time To Know-RELOADED part 4].  To eventually being parents themselves in [Time To Feel-RELOADED part 5 and Time To Show-RELOADED part 6, where they have to set examples for their own children. 
The examples that were taught to them by their parents and grandparents are to marry for life, persevere through whatever trials you face and build upon what was achieved by the last generation.

  Time Will Reveal captures your interest from the onset with the mystery surrounding Anthony [Ajay] and his player ways cast against Ebony’s innocence which makes for a provocative tale.
  Take the journey into this series by Black Coffee and become engaged in the Suspense, Drama, Romance and intrigue of this Cleveland crew. They will hold you captive as you read on to see if they can overcome the temptations of street live to become successful entrepreneurs despite the obstacles they face.

This is an ongoing saga which while the characters and their interactions are fictitious, the story deals with real history in America told from the point of view of this Cleveland Crew. 
For a novel that gives more insight into the life of Anthony Devante' Jackson aka AJAY, be sure and order The Making Of Ajay-"Every Man"-RELOADED- A Time Will Reveal novel [Now available in digital format on Amazon Kindle]

Black Coffee

Find the printed format in the following bookstores:

Carl Weber's Urban Knowledge bookstores

Nubian Bookstore 
[Southlake mall, Ga]

Lemuria Bookstore
[Jackson, Ms]

Longevity Gifts and Novelty store
[Brewton, Al]

Community Book Center
[New Orleans, La]

And so many more independent bookstores and outlets worldwide.

The Time Will Reveal series is available & signed by Black Coffee and in the following public libraries and more:

1. Harrison county [Ms]
2. Hinds County [Ms]
3. Cleveland [OH]
4. Orleans Parish [New Orleans]
5. Baltimore [Md]
6. District of Columbia [DC]
7. Mobile, Al
8. Univ. Of Alabama
9. New York, NY
10. Chicago, IL
11. Milwaukee, WI
12. Detroit, MI
13. San Francisco, CA
14. Houston, TX
15. Miami, FL
16. Anderson, IN
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