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As the sun dawns on another day, all is still quiet in the house. The crew is still resting while outside, the birds begin to sing. It's another beautiful day in Cleveland Ohio. Pearl opens her eyes, looks to the ceiling and thanks GOD for another day of life. Today is Monday, the 3rd day of July and the 1st day of her long awaited vacation. She makes her way into the bathroom to start her morning routine of brushing her teeth, washing her face and whatever else she needs to do to help her prepare for a new day. She brushes her silky hair away from her face. As she gazes into the mirror, she reflects on the life her and her husband John are managing for their 4 children. Thoughts of the news, her and her sister Brenda received from their mother in Houston, causes her eyes to well-up with tears.
“What’s the matter, mama?” a voice from behind her asks.
She turns to see her only daughter Ebony, standing in the doorway of the bathroom with a look of concern on her face.
“Oh it’s nothing, baby girl,” Pearl replies with that smile big John says could light up a room. She adds, “It’s just nerves, baby. Mama’s fine.” 

Emotionally, she’s far from fine. Just 3 days ago, she found out her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and she has to start her treatments, very soon. The family talked things over with big John, over the phone. It was decided someone has to be there. Pearl knows it would be impossible for her to go to Houston and stay because of her job at the hospital, her home and her children. It was decided Ebony would go and stay until the treatments are done. Big mama insisted it be a female and Ebony is her oldest granddaughter. This is 1 of the toughest decisions of Pearl’s seasoned life and 1 of the hardest to digest. Ebony has been told of the trip. Though she doesn’t want to leave her friends and family, she wants to be there for big mama. Her big mama really needs her and she’s also the 1 person whom Ebony credits with teaching her the most about being a little lady. Big mama has been teaching Ebony how to recognize husband material since she turned 6 years old.
“Is big mama doing worse?” Ebony asks.
“No, baby girl,” Pearl answers softly, “There’s been no change. I’m just worried about having to send my baby girl away from home.”
“I know, mama,” she says, “Daddy said that to me, when we was on the phone. He said he can’t be there to protect me from the mannish boys.”

Ebony is the 3rd of Pearl and John’s 4 children and their only girl. She’s thirteen, 5 years older than the baby boy Jesse, who’s eight. Their oldest, John Jr, is better known as Jb. He’s fifteen and set to start his junior year at MLK high school, this fall. Their 2nd oldest child is Jeremy. He’s better known as Tank and he’s fourteen. He’s only 11 months older than Ebony. They were both born in 1975. Tank was born on the 25th of January. Ebony was born on Christmas day. They always tell people, who don’t know any better, that they’re twins. That’s because they are the same age for 1 whole month, each year. The 2 of them are extremely close. So of course, if Ebony has to go to Houston, Tank is planning to roll too.
“Go and get your brothers up, baby,” Pearl says to Ebony, “I’ll be finished in here in a few minutes.”
“Yes ma’am,” Ebony says.

“I’m already up,” Tank says as he stammers into the bathroom, rubbing his eyes and stretching.
“Son, don’t you know better then to walk into a bathroom with ladies in it?” Pearl asks with a frown on her face.
“Oops. Sorry, ma,” Tank says.

He looks down now, as he backs out of the bathroom. He’s still half asleep. He quickly removes himself from the bathroom and to a more respectful position, then he asks, “Do you want me to go get Jb and Lil man up, for you?” He asked from just inside of Pearl’s bedroom door, where he now stands.
“Yes please,” Pearl answers him with a smile.
He can’t see her face but he can hear that she's smiling. He's happy just knowing she isn’t angry with him over his ill mannered interruption.
“Okay,” he says as he heads back toward his room. But he has something else to tell his mother. From the hallway, he yells, “Oh mama!”
"Yes, dear. What is it?" Pearl asks as she continues to smile.
“Ajay and June spent the night!” Tank says.
“Okay, sweetheart. I want you to get them up too. And I want all of you to get ready and come down for breakfast,” Pearl says as she dries her hands.
She turns to Ebony and says, “Baby girl, the bathroom is all yours. Don’t you camp out in here either, okay? Your brothers had company that spent the night. So I want you to make sure you dress completely before you come out. And please hurry. I want you to come on downstairs and help me out in the kitchen. You know how much your brothers and the rest of those boys can eat. So don’t you lag around for too long. Or there won’t be any breakfast left for you to eat.” Pearl laughs as she exit’s the bathroom.
Ebony smiles as she says, “okay,” then closes the door after her mother leaves.

Ebony uses the master bathroom in her mother and father’s room, on a daily basis. She has 3 brothers who use the main bathroom, in the hallway and she hated how they always left the seat up. With 3 of them and 1 of her, she was the minority. So she always had to put the seat back up when she finished. But after she started her menstruation period, 4 months ago, she insisted and everyone else agreed, her and Pearl should share the master bathroom because that’s where Pearl keeps all of their personal products. Anyway, the boys was seriously conflicted with having those types of products in the bathroom they used. And once again, Ebony was the minority in the discussion. But in the master bathroom, her and Pearl are the majority. So eventually, John, who's away most of the time driving his rig, started using the hallway bathroom with his sons when he comes home. That’s the best solution for all involved. Ebony still has to help her mother clean the bathroom in the hallway. She doesn’t like that part, at all. But that isn’t up for negotiation.

Big June and Ajay stay at their house often or Jb and Tank stay with them. They all attend school together and are very close. But last night’s sleepover was different. Anthony or Ajay, as he’s commonly known,
had stayed the night, indeed. Only this time he had slept in Ebony’s room, the entire night. He had gone back to the boys room, only an hour ago.

It wasn’t unusual for Ajay to come into Ebony’s room. He is her boyfriend and has been for 3 years. Only their parents don’t know about that part yet. When Ajay comes to her room, in the night time hours, they always talk but they do other things too. A couple of years ago, they kissed for the very first time. Ajay told her then that she was the only girl he had kissed and she was the only girl he would ever kiss. They have kissed a lot since that first kiss. She likes the way he kisses her, a whole lot. They progressed to touching, a little over a year ago. She loves the way he touches her too. He touches her face, so gently with 1 of his hands, while his other hand explores her developing breast and body. Eventually, he graduated to the point to where he would end up caressing her most private spot. He would roll his tongue around in her mouth and over her breast and nipples. She thought it was him who was responsible for the growth of her breast. At least that’s what he has said for the last year since her breast started to form. He’s always telling her that. When the fact is, she’s just going through puberty, the adolescent changes a female’s body takes on leading up to menstruation and the transformation into womanhood. Ebony never liked how it felt when he placed his finger inside of her. But he would always try it. As soon as he felt her squirms of discomfort, he would stop immediately.

Ebony is a very intelligent girl. She’s just very naive when it comes to sex. Ajay is the opposite, sex wise. He’s very experienced, at his young age. Ebony had been a virgin until just a few hours ago. With touch from only Ajay, for the last 2 years. Ajay, on the other hand, has been sexually active since he was 8 years old. Knowing she was leaving in 3 days, made Ebony eager to feel the real thing Ajay was always talking to her about. He has never pressured her to have sex. But it was Ebony who knew, 1 day they would go all the way. In her heart, she knew Ajay was the only boy for such an honor. He hadn’t tried to go all the way before, though he's deep in the street game and known throughout their community for his heartless ways. But he has always shown a certain respect and compassion for Ebony “baby girl” Brown. They grew up together. Their parents are best friends and their homes on next door to each other. Ajay and Ebony use to fight and argue all of the time when they was younger. She’d say, “I can't stand him”. Their parents figured that would eventually change and they would start to get along. But they had no idea of how much that would change. Or how soon it would change, either.

Their extended families have been very close for 3 generations. Their oldest living generation fled north, prior to and during the infamous civil rights movement which had infamous battlefields in the south. Their families are rich in history and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. The first and second generations are raising this 3rd generation, to be no different than them.

But for now, Ebony is struggling with how she will tell her mother about her and Ajay’s relationship and especially, last night. She's afraid her mother will be disappointed in her. Before last night ever happened, she wanted to tell Pearl that her and Ajay had kissed and touched. Only she hadn’t found the courage to do so. She knows her mother will say she’s too young for that sort of behavior, without even hearing her out. She has to find a way to tell her mother before she leaves for Houston and she has to tell her face to face. That's the way things are done in the crew family. They all have to live by the honor system. Ebony has only 3 days left to come clean. She has to find a way to tell Pearl about her intimacy.
Time To Learn begins this turbulent coming of age series, which starts in the late 1980’s, about the relationship between Ebony “baby girl” Brown and Anthony “Ajay” Jackson. A teenage African American couple growing up in Cleveland. The focus is on the strength and survival of 8 families who were drawn together during their migration north to escape the racism and bigotry during the civil rights movement.
As Ebony’s dreams of romance start to consume her, she’s sent to Houston to care for her big mama. She suffers an attack which brings her crew together in ways reminiscent of their elders. The crew’s loyalty is overwhelming. Ajay’s aggressive demeanor and Ebony’s innocence captures you in Part 1. You’ll be engaged in the suspense and intrigue of this Cleveland crew. And held captive to see if they’ll overcome the temptations of street life to become successful entrepreneurs. Despite the obstacles they face. 

Can Ebony’s love survive the stigma of her suppressed past, her lack of sexual experience plus distance? Can her heart endure the growing pains of love which Ajay often puts her through? Will he survive his many confrontations with rivals, his quick temper plus a cold-as-steel mentality which often leads him to kill or be killed? Can he do without his outside love interest and street credibility? Will his obsession with Ebony’s faithfulness to him, in spite his lifestyle, drive her away and him farther down the path of destruction? 

This series will take you on a journey of urban love and loyalty as “the crew” deal with emotions which take them from jealous rage, drug abuse, murder and betrayal. To the 1 thing they all seek. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! But is love enough to save Ajay from himself? Or will he sacrifice the love of his life and a career in the NBA, for his ego? This is an ongoing saga which while the characters and their interactions are fictitious, the story deals with true history.

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