Still..., All By My Lonely-The Organization-Part two 

Young D and Baby Girl are at Annie’s house with their boys. It’s Friday, late afternoon and they’re prepping items for the tour bus. Young D’s Midwest tour will kick off, the following Monday. Once the clothing and linens are done, being folded and packed on the bus, Young D is taking the family and the  labelmates to his restaurant, H-Town Cuisine, for dinner. The label is 2 years old, this month. They’re celebrating the milestone and their new compilation CD, “H-Town’s Finest.” It will be released in 2 weeks. Baby Girl is relatively quiet, today. Young D can tell she’s distracted. He wants to know why. He had inquired about her most recent job, when they finished making love, earlier this morning. She hasn’t been forthcoming with any details. She'd said she was extremely tired and she would tell him about it later. He isn’t sure if she’s being totally honest with him. Or if she’s hiding something. Based on her actions since coming home, he believes the latter. Young D is not at all patient about her keeping secrets. Though he still has 1 of his own. Maybe knowing the magnitude of his secret, is the reason he’s so paranoid about her having 1. Either way, he’s going to keep pressing her until she comes clean.
She has never tripped about telling me details of her kills, after the fact. What is the deal? Was it a industry person, this time? Had to be within a days drive, if it was. Who could it be and why is she so secretive, all of a sudden?

He looks at her, as she packs the final towels in the last bin and fastens the lid on top of it. The guys grab it and load it on the bus. Finally, the tour bus is ready for another month long tour. The guys from Young D’s crew, head back to their houses. They have to wash up and get dressed for dinner and a night of celebrating their success.
Young D sits down at his mother’s island counter, next to his wife. He looks at her and she looks back at him,briefly. Then back to their youngest son. Baby Girl cell phone rings.

It’s just me against the world…oooo, oooo…….it’s me against the world baby…ohh ooohhh….I got nothing to loose…….it’s just me against the world…….stuck in the game…….me against the world baby….

It’s the manor’s ring tone. Baby Girl lets Young D answer her cell phone, while she feeds Don Prince.
“Hello,” he says.
He’s listening to the person on the other end of the line. His face displays a look of shock. Then he turns and looks at his wife. He's about to announce that Gus is dead. But the look on Baby Girl’s face, assures him that she already knows. He can also sense that she wants him to play it off, so he does.
“Baby. I got some bad news,” he says, “They just found Gus’ car in the bayou and he was still in it.”
“Oh my God!” Annie says, “What happened?!”
Young D says they had pulled his Seville from the bayou on the property. They're saying he was intoxicated and fell asleep at the wheel.
“Oh no. I need to talk to the staff,” Baby Girl plays along. “And calm them down. We need to go down there too. And help with arrangements for him and have his things moved to daddy Don’s office. He handled some real delicate stuff. I don’t want it in the wrong hands,” she finishes before reaching for the phone.
Young D hands her the phone and takes Don Prince, so that he can finish feeding him. Baby Girl talks to Cherry, as her and Young D play the scene off. She tells Cherry that her, D and the family will be there, as soon as possible.
“We’ll be flying,” she says, “I’ll call you back with our itinerary.”
They hang up. 

She resumes feeding their son. Young D is overwhelmed with curiosity. He can hardly contain himself. First, he helps Lil Man down from his high chair and washes him up. Don Prince is done eating. Baby Girl cleans him up.
“Mama, can you get them dressed for us,” Young D asks, “I need to take care of Lovely.”
Annie says yes. She’s got new gear for the boys, at her house. Her and Angela will get them dressed for dinner, so that Young D can take his wife home and console her on the lose of her family.
“Go comfort Baby Girl, bless her heart,” Annie says sadly, “Another death in her immediate family.”
Baby Girl has already handed Don Prince to Annie. Angela hugs her. Baby Girl walks out of the house without a word. Annie and Angela figure she’s grief stricken. They can understand, full well, why she would be. She has already lost her real father big dog, The Don and her mother Wanda. Annie and Angela always saw Gus as a father figure to Baby Girl. They know she has to be hurting. 
Young D knows she’s not. He just doesn’t know the details. But he plans on finding out, in a matter of minutes.

The Organization part two
[351 pages]


CHAPTER NINETEEN--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------KID WANTS A PLAY OF ACTION

CHAPTER TWENTY-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“IT’S YOUR ANNIVERSARY!”

CHAPTER TWENTY ONE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE MYSTERIOUS JOHN

CHAPTER TWENTY TWO---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STRESS FREE WORK PLACE

CHAPTER TWENTY THREE------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HOLLA BACK

CHAPTER TWENTY FOUR--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE UN-COVERING

CHAPTER TWENTY FIVE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MEANT TO BE

CHAPTER TWENTY SIX------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SEEING WITHOUT BEING SEEN

CHAPTER TWENTY SEVEN-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DIRTY RAT

CHAPTER TWENTY EIGHT--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A FAMILY AFFAIR 

CHAPTER TWENTY NINE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FAMILY FEUD

CHAPTER THIRTY--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HEALING PROCESS [LOOSE ENDS]

CHAPTER THIRTY ONE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FOR BETTER, WORSE OR WORK

CHAPTER THIRTY TWO-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ALWAYS OR NEVER AGAIN

CHAPTER THIRTY THREE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE UNRAVELING

CHAPTER THIRTY FOUR------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE NEW HIRE

Description of Still, By My Lonely-THE ORGANIZATION part two

Still…, All By My Lonely is Lovely Walker-Blake aka Baby Girl’s motto, when it comes to handling “The Organization” and Morale’s Manor, these days. When “All By My Lonely” ended, Baby Girl was hot on the trial of the rogues who were attempting to infiltrate daddy Don’s (The Don) business ventures. What’s even worse. These rogues are inside of her family structure and even 1 of them, is on her payroll. That will have to cease, immediately.
From the start, Baby Girl gets a phone call from the senior staff at The Manor. She knows what the call is about. But to play it off in front of her mother-in-law Annie, she lets Young D answer her phone. Young D braces himself to deliver to Baby Girl what he thinks is bad news. But her reaction to his revelation isn’t shock nor sadness. She doesn’t look surprised at all. Immediately, Young D wants to know what’s going on. His mission now is the get his wife back to their home, so she can bring him up on the happenings down at The Manor, in New Orleans.
Still, All By My Lonely is filled with “Cleaning” and “Unraveling.” Some of the dirt surrounding Baby Girl and Young D is more than a decade old. And for Baby Girl, it’s time to get it out, gone and over with.
Kierra the stripper has been a bit much to deal with. There was a paternity test done on her daughter Danica, which says Young D is the father. He doesn’t believe it and neither does his mother Annie. Everybody knows of this claim. Everyone except Baby Girl. But this information becomes available to her in this title. And from there, things will change drastically for her, Young D and every other person in their lives.
As if that isn’t enough to rock the boat, Baby Girl will discover that the same rogues who want to takeover what her father left her. Are deeply involved in the situation with Kierra and Danica.
For Baby Girl, there isn’t anything she can’t handle and dismantle with a weapon. But the problems in her personal life will require her intelligence and the loyal manor staff, from her upbringing.
  The political path dawns the 1st black president of the United States of America. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Young D’s music career is at the top of the charts and his business ventures have spawned into other lucrative investments too. Baby Girl and Young D, on the bedroom side, hasn't fallen off any. Keeping each other sexually satisfied is still a main priority. Those are the best parts.
But knowing she’ll have to remove rogues who are seen as family, weighs heavy on her mind. Still, they will have to go. That’s what “The Don” taught her and she is more determined than ever to make sure her daddy Don, can rest in peace.
The positions of mother, wife, entrepreneur and overseer are all on point, for Baby Girl. Her struggle now is to find out who wants to ruin her family life and her inheritance. Her mission is to see to it that the rogues are removed from her family tree, before President Barack Obama is sworn in, in 2008.
All the targets are personal. But she’ll STILL handle them, All By Her Lonely.