“The Threat to a Legacy” 
short story 1
[78 pages]

Do you think everyone loves the crew and every person of the black race wants them to prosper? Really? 
The crew has enemies dating back to the 1st generation. But who wants the crew to lose? Who’s life’s work had it become, to dismantle the Cleveland crew? Those questions are yet to be answered. 
It’s a fact that every generation has at least 1 man who stands out as the best leader. One who's strong in his convictions, unwavering in his decisions and truly in control of any relationship he’s apart of.
Both Allen Saul Williams and Allen Devante’ Jackson Sr were leaders in the Civil Rights Era. 
Big John and big Al are both viewed that way in the 2nd generation. But in the 3rd generation there are two, as well.
Big Chill is the named leader of the 3rd generation. There was an attempt made on his life in 1993, while the man seen as his sibling had to be away, bettering himself in college. But was Chill really the main target? Or was the hit on him meant to be a mental weight on Anthony “Ajay” Jackson?
Many view Ajay as the key to prolonging the crews dominance into the new millennium and they would be absolutely correct. An attempt on his life was made the following year. Of course, it was unsuccessful. But afterwards, a powerful man made his presence known and he moved his money and his prominence around to establish an invisible shield around the crew. His name is Bert Parkwood. According to papa Brown, Grandpa Logan and poppa Jones, he is the modern day, Jeb Baker.

Black Coffee
A Time Will Reveal short story #1 from BLACK COFFEE
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