[This ain't a sip of Coffee. It's the whole drink!]
by Felecia Haney
Cleveland's Call And Post Newspaper
June 29-July 6, 2011 edition

The name Black Coffee was given to me by my mother around the age of 6. She said I never sugar coated anything and I never like lies nor was I willing to live one. She said I was born to be strong and eye opening. I added steamy and hot. One of my favorite rappers, the now deceased Heavy D did a song with the same title. That sold me on the name and the description was fitting because that's who I was determined to be.

I was born and raised primarily in Gulfport Mississippi where I still own a home as well as in 3 other states, all south of the Mason Dixon line, so I'm a southern girl to my heart. I am a Federal/Civil service employee by day, mother, published author and the CEO of my own publishing company True's Relate Publishing. I pen novels, poetry, songs and spoken word. I have also done live performances of song and spoken word but public demand caused me to devote more time to writing my novels.

My reading audience ranges in age from 13 to 89. I gained a network of readers through popular blogs I'd joined since 2003. I picked up thousands of readers and followers as a member of Facebook [Black Coffee] and Twitter [AuthorBlkCoffee] but before the social network bliss I'd already had quite a following on various HipHop websites.
Friends became eager for me to release a full title after reading sample chapters on those websites. I established my own website; in 2004.

Initially I tried the self publishing route but because of a mixture of over editing of my content and then from the setbacks I faced as a result of the tragic Hurricane Katrina, I decided to rethink my game plan and try a new strategy of doing it all myself. That was the key.
From the onset I dealt with bogus editors and public relations firms alike and I even won lawsuits against a couple of them. Still I wasn’t going to be deterred. I established my own publishing, linked up with my printing affiliates, handled the necessary business and paperwork avenues and released my 1st totally independent novel, TIME TO LEARN-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 1 and THE CREW was born.

My 1st title sold over of 1900 copies in just under 7 months and by August 2010 the numbers were reaching 3000. I'd made several major contacts in the industry by then, including New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber of Urban Knowledge bookstores. He purchased a mass of books from me and scheduled signings for me to appear in his stores. Before that tour was started I released the 2nd title in my series, TIME TO GROW-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 2. I released TIME TO LOVE-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 3 which brought on many invites to already established author networks, conferences, dealers, buyers and even others who were looking to be published.
Still my readers wanted more of this series. It was then that I ventured into doing short stories to compliment this already popular Time Will Reveal series. My 1st short story was MORE THAN 4 ADMIRERS-RELOADED- "The Threat to a Legacy" which gave the background into the 1st and 2nd generations of the crew and more insight into the present crew's demeanor. The crew were fast favorites of my readers but there were some villians in the series that they loathed and they still wanted to know more about. Raymond White was the villian that I got over 10,000 inquiries about. They wanted to know more about him and his hoodrats. I love to give my readers what they want because they are who make me, Author BLACK COFFEE.
I released short story 2, MR. WRONG AND THE RATS-RELOADED- "Sweet Ray, Sonya, Shuntay & Tina" and that short story assured me that Raymond and his Rats would be hated forever. It's still the novel that I hate to read. I actually created a book that made me angry with the characters that I'd created. [Lol]. Raymond White is a monster and I hope to never meet anyone close to his persona. Still that short story brought on so many more readers and much more interest. Other authors were introduced to my Time Will Reveal series by word of mouth from authors who read this short story and ventured on to pick up the entire series. I had attracted the interest of, who are still actively selling my titles. Amazon Kindle offered me an exclusive deal for my eBooks and I eventually took them up on the offer and I'm so glad I did. But now I've ventured on to additional online sellers as well.

But community activism is at the core of my heart and soul. At this point I decided to reach back and launch an idea I'd had from the beginning of this whole venture. It was to bring my community with me. I wanted to find a group of people who were driven to be more then the stereotypical figures of our urban environment. Individuals who were diehards. Determined to make a real name for themselves. Those who would work as hard as I do to get something to pass on to their futures. I started a search to put actual faces to the characters of my Time Will Reveal series. Though the venture hasn't been successful thus far, I will find THE CREW. A page has been added on my website and this is where the crew and their info will be displayed along with their title and/or the crew character that they represent.

I released TIME TO KNOW-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 4. My readers were still there with me and encouraging me to do more. I selected names from several of those readers to incorporate into extra characters in the series that they love. This has been the most rewarding process for me. I love making those who support me, a part of what they love to read. VERY FULFILLING!
I released TIME TO FEEL-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 5 and the reading reign continues. I credit teachers like Mrs. Adkins [8th grade English] and Mr. Love [11th grade English] for staying on me and never accepting a rushed paper. They always made me do a paper that took me more than 2 days to write. How they knew I wrote it the night before or on the way to school is beyond me. Lol But they would never give me more than a C- for those rushed writings. They would send me back and give me 3 days to do the paper that they knew I was capable of doing. I would get angry because I didn't want to take the time to do my best. But I would redo it and make an A+! I love them for seeing and demanding the best of me. I think about them often when I'm writing for my readers. I want to give them my best because my readers are some of the most loyal people ever and they're spending their hard earned dollars on my writing. As a tribute to them I've dedicated a page on my website [Readers] and created a group on Facebook [Black Coffee's Crew Nation]. The most recent title for the Time Will Reveal series is: The Making of AJAY-RELOADED-"Every Man" [Ajay's biography[Available on Kindle, fall 2014].

Writing is my 1st love. I've been published since age 5. With pen in hand I can go anywhere I'd like to go. I love what I do and anything I add my name to, I'm going to do it to the best of my ability and then some.


I'm a member of many community organizations: North Gulfport Land Trust, Civic Club, NAACP, BOP Conference and Arts Council of New Orleans as well as The Steps Coalition and NBBP. I attended North Gulfport elementary and middle schools and Harrison Central high school. I attended college at The University of Southern Mississippi where I have a BA in Education.
I taught elementary school. I played basketball actively for over 13 years from 5th grade through Senior college and AAU. I have 12 overall titles with an array of division, district, conference and regional titles as well. I am a 4 time overall state champion, AAU national Junior Champion, NLCAA champion 2 times and a NCAA conference champion. I never got that NCAA title but it was a dream of mine. I worked with high school basketball teams for several seasons. I have an NAACP Image award for my poetry and a top 5 award from Harrison County plus a key to the cities of Gulfport, Biloxi, Hattiesburg and Jackson [all in Mississippi]. There are library groups who host signings with me as the guest author and speaker. I’m still working with the youth from many cities, in a wide array of fields from politics to reading, writing, arithmetic and daily life situations.

2013: TIME WILL REVEAL IS RELOADED! [New additions to this already stellar series will come in 2015.]
Memberships: IBPA, BISG, Vendor for BAKER & TAYLOR, Amazon Kindle

NEW SERIES OPENED: 1/1/2014. 1st title: All By My Lonely-THE ORGANIZATION part one!
2ND TITLE: Still..., All By My Lonely-THE ORGANIZATION part two
Facebook group: THE ORGANIZATION [#TheOrganizers]

My Favorite teams are: Dallas Cowboys, OKC Thunder and UNC Tarheels men's basketball! 
I'm a champion with a winning legacy, as well. So naturally those are the same types of programs I support.
I love being there for anyone who I see trying to make a positive way. This is what inspired me to write.
Love to you all and stay blessed.
-Black Coffee