The Making of AJAY
"Every Man"-RELOADED,
A Time Will Reveal novel
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The Making of AJAY
“Every Man”-RELOADED
A Time Will Reveal Novel
354 pages


CHAPTER 1  Making The Man
CHAPTER 2  A Day To Forget To Remember
CHAPTER 3  Seeing Signs Of Trouble Early
CHAPTER 4  The Introduction To The Chamber
CHAPTER 5  The Kiss For A Lifetime
CHAPTER 6  Passing Of The Legacy
CHAPTER 7  Man With A Child’s Face In A Man’s Place
CHAPTER 8   Just To Breathe Again 
CHAPTER 9   Every Little Bit Of My Heart
CHAPTER 10 Older Really Doesn’t Mean Wiser
CHAPTER 11 She's Becoming A Woman. My Woman
CHAPTER 12 The End Of Innocence [1st time]
CHAPTER 13 Learning Love
CHAPTER 14 Another Jackson Man Made

​The Making Of AJAY- Every Man-RELOADED
A Time Will Reveal novel
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     What qualifies a male to be seen as a man comes from how he’s viewed through the eyes of those in his world. Who that man is stems from how he’s reared as a boy. The lessons he’s taught and the knowledge he takes from those lessons, as a boy child, will manifest as he grows and becomes the man that his world sees. Thus, how valuable those boyhood teachings are to him will translate to others by the way he lives his life.
     AJAY learned about his legacy as a boy from his father, his grandfather and the males in his crew. He learned to love his woman unconditionally because that is what he saw and valued from those forefathers. He also learned how he was expected to carry out that legacy. He’s a man now and he has done well with his own life. He’s lived up to his expectations and then some. But he’s a father now and the most important part of those lessons he grew from, have to now be passed on to his male seed. This title gives you AJAY Jackson: The man, The husband and The father, giving the legacy he grew from over to his only son, Lil AJAY.
     AJAY’s main responsibility is to make sure that his son grows up to be a stronger man than he has become, which means his toughest job is before him. He has a junior who is just as head strong and stern but with even less patience for dishonesty. Lil AJAY already shows that he’s honest, loyal and committed to the family’s creed. The reader will learn of AJAY’s early life through his weekly talks with his son. Witness how Lil AJAY gets to know how his father became the person whom he views as simply, “The Man.” Lil AJAY is already curious about how his pops learned to love his mother Ebony the way he’s witnessed him doing during his 6 years of life.
     This novel shows you how the man we know as AJAY was made and how through Lil AJAY that Every Man legacy will continue. 
This is The Making Of AJAY-Every Man, A Time Will Reveal novel.

The Making of AJAY- “Every Man”-RELOADED
The Intro
This novel is a detailed book on Anthony “Ajay” Jackson and his coming of age. The original “Time Will Reveal” series starts on June 3, 1989 with “TIME TO LEARN-RELOADED Part 1”! It references things in Ajay’s life, prior to that day. Which has caused my readers to request more about this character. This novel is my attempt at giving them more insight into Ajay.
By the end of “TIME TO FEEL-Part 5”, Ajay is a husband, father of 6 and a full time superstar in the NBA. But he still has only 1 son, out of 6 kids. I decided the set up of this novel would be based around Ajay having father and son talks, with his only son, Ajay Jr [lil Ajay] starting from when lil Ajay was age 6. Which means the "real time" of this novel starts in September 2005, when lil Ajay had just started 1st grade. The coverage you will get of Ajay’s growing years, will come to you as he tells his son about his life and how he came to view things in the world. Based on what he went through and learned as he grew up. He started these discussions to help lil Ajay understand, both how to deal with older girls who are after him and what legacy he was born into. If you've read, “MORE THAN 4 ADMIRERS”, then you already know there's an enemy situation, Ajay and the males learned about. Because the men in this crew are the protectors. The males in this crew are reared very different than the females. So what Ajay is doing daily, is making sure his only son knows what to look for. While at the same time, making sure he knows who he expects him to be.
Although the conversations take place starting in 2005, I have titled the sections with dates and in some cases, seasons or holidays, to help you navigate the period of time you’re reading about.
With that said, it’s time to get to know Anthony Devante’ Jackson Sr. Better known as Ajay. He's Ant to his parents and Anthony to Ebony, ONLY.
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The Making of AJ ...

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The Making of AJAY- “Every Man”
Chapter 1-Making The Man

“Every woman wants to be made love too, thoroughly. That’s the only way she’ll know she has you. But a real man won’t kiss nor give that kind of treatment, to every woman. That’s only for his one and only and the one he wants to have and hold, forever. Thorough love making is an art, son. That’s something Jackson men are known for and you’ll have to hold up for that name too. The art of loving a woman takes a lot of preparation. You have to study her, learn what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Not every man can do that. Because he’s never been schooled on what it takes to satisfy his woman. But my daddy told me and I’m gonna make sure you know it too. Pussy will be coming at you, from every angle and direction. That’s because of how you’ll carry yourself. All men fuck. But only real men make love. I learned how to please my woman. Your mama is well taken care of. In ways you can see and ways you’ll never see. My number one thought when I lay eyes on her, is what new ways can I please her and leave her smiling. I’m thinking like that, even when she’s not around. Don’t ever leave the woman you love, wanting more. Because she’ll find it somewhere, other than with you, if she has too. For a Jackson man, that’s a no-no. We don’t share our woman sexually, with anyone. She has to have morals. She has to be a woman who keeps you on your toes too. With positive shit. Good shit, that’s for the betterment of you. She can only chastise you, when it’s for your own good. You have to be man enough to know that she has the right to do that. The good ones just seem to know when to do it. To keep her faithful, you’ve gotta have the upper hand, long before the sex starts. A real man has it and maintains it, even after she submits to him. I have it and that’s a fact. Good loving keeps your home peaceful. Keeps your woman smiling, in her place and happy. Good loving keeps the order in your relationship and in your life too. But your best loving is only for that, one woman. The one that you love. You give her your all and your best. She’s the only one who can see the intimate side of you, son. You don’t show that to every woman you fuck around with. Only the one you wanna keep and you can only keep one. So choose wisely.”- 
Father big Al to his only son, Ajay